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Lyfe Health proud sponsors of U18s

Updated: Jun 3

We are delighted to have the support of Lyfe Health as sponsors of our U18 team playing in the Dorset League for the next two seasons.

The four successful candidates offered places at LeAF Studio. Clockwise from top left: Jayden Lipscombe, Myles Curtis, Nazar Nazarenko and Daniel Velasco.

Based in the heart of Westbourne, Lyfe Health helps individuals who want to better their everyday lives. Whether recovering from injury or in pain, regaining movement and strength or optimising sporting performance, Lyfe Health delivers physical therapy in every way possible – so that everybody can live their best.

The Lyfe Health approach is to combine powerful data-driven diagnostics with hands-on clinical expertise, looking at the whole picture, championing proactive, preventative, and fully personalised healthcare.

Visit the Lyfe Health website to see all they can offer.


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