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About Poole Town FC Wessex

Poole Town FC Wessex is a 3 Star England Accredited youth football club, officially affiliated with Poole Town FC, focused on the development of young players from kids at Reception age through to youths at Under 18 level. We offer an inclusive environment for all players, and provide a safe and secure place for young people to hone their skills, make new friends and have fun.

Soccer Field

Community Interest Company (CIC)

Company number 14925921, Incorporated on 09 June 2023

Poole Town FC Wessex is a grassroots football club, formed in 1998. We are an all-inclusive football community, offering football for all children in the Poole and Bournemouth area.

The club was incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) on 09 June 2023, with a view to building on our existing strong community focus and providing a firm basis for further development of opportunities to provide football and sports education to all, regardless of social or financial situation.

Full details of Poole Town FC Wessex CIC, including our Articles of Association, Accounts and Annual Reports are publicly available on the Companies House website.



"Positivity leads to a better game, a safer, healthier, more inclusive and more enjoyable game. A game with more respect."


Our key Club Policies and FA endorsed Codes of Conduct are linked below

Our history

The Club started with just one team in 1998 - then known as Ashdown Rovers. Expansion rapidly followed, and by 2004 Ashdown Rovers had more than 20 teams playing within various leagues across Dorset. This included two girls teams and two ladies teams which, at the time, was extremely rare. In 2007 Ashdown Rovers became affiliated with Poole Town FC and was renamed Poole Town FC Wessex.

The club has gone from strength to strength ever since, providing opportunities for hundreds of kids and youth players to develop throughout the years in a fun and inclusive environment. In 2023, Poole Town FC Wessex became incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC), providing a firm basis for further development and many more years of community focused activity.


Although Poole Town FC and Poole Town FC Wessex operate as independent organisations, the link between both clubs provides a pathway from U6s through to the U23 and 1st Team men's squads and the Reserves and First Team Poole Town Ladies squads.

Present day

Poole Town FC Wessex currently has 21 teams, incorporating Youth (boys, girls and mixed) and Ability Counts teams.  These teams play in the Dorset League, Dorset Youth Football League, Dorset Ability Counts LeagueBournemouth Youth Football League and Hampshire Combination & Development Football League.

Everyone involved with Poole Town FC Wessex does so on a voluntary basis and without them the Club would not be as successful as it is.

For more information on how you or your child can become part of your local club, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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