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Fidget Theatre presents Football Freddie - get 50% off entry!

A warm and witty new show for children and their grown-ups about football, team-work and the joy of joining in.

Football Freddie at The Arc, Winchester

For one day only, The Arc in Winchester is hosting a new show aimed at footie loving kids, all about a football mad girl with a boys name! The Arc showing is on Sunday 23 July at 11:30am, and you can get 50% off with the code 50FF.

"Football Freddie tells the story of Freddie Farren, a little girl who loves football but is too nervous to join in a game in her local park. Out of a magical photograph steps Freddie’s Great-Great-Great Uncle Fred, a real footballer from the olden days. Uncle Fred takes Freddie back in time and they re-live footballing glories of old. With Uncle-Fred’s encouragement, Freddie renews her confidence and enthusiasm and everyone joins in a good old-fashioned kick around."

Football Freddie at The Arc, Winchester

"Football Freddie is a magical new show for children and their families. The production features playful storytelling, friendly audience participation and integrated audio description alongside original sound design and vibrant set and costumes."

CLICK HERE to go to The Arc website to book your tickets, and don't forget to use the 50% off code 50FF


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