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Player Benefits

What else do you get for being part of Poole Town FC Wessex?


As a player for Poole Town FC Wessex, your child will receive a 'Player Pass' which grants them (and one accompanying adult) free entry to all home league games for the Poole Town FC men's team at the Black Gold ground, Tatnum.

A reward for all the hard work the children (and their guardians) put in throughout the year!


PLAYER PASS additional benefits

As well as free entry to Poole Town FC home league games, we have teamed up with FTY Lab and Insanity Gaming Arcade to offer the following additional benefits for Poole Town FC Wessex PLAYER PASS holders:

Poole Town FC Wessex players will receive 50% discount at FTY Lab for ad-hoc walk in sessions when displaying their PLAYER PASS, Mon to Fri (inc school holidays).

In addition, PLAYER PASS holders can also join FTY Lab for a discounted monthly fee of £25/month (usual price £36/month).

Poole Town FC Wessex players will receive 20% discount at Insanity Gaming Arcade when displaying their PLAYER PASS. This includes entry fees for ad-hoc walk in sessions and also kids meals.

NOTE: Please check availability before arriving at either venue with your PLAYER PASS.


Player Pathway

We offer a complete player pathway for your child to embark on.  From Reception through to U18, U23, Reserves, and on to the Poole Town First Team (Men's and Ladies).

We offer fantastic coaching throughout our age groups to help give the children everything they need as they grow through the game.

Backed by an experienced committee and Board, the Club has a sound structure operating for a number of years, providing affordable, fun and friendly football for all.

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